War And Peace Tour: Brother Ali and Immortal Technique

The War and Peace Tour that began back in September has finally hit New York City. On Friday April 11th, Brother Ali and Immortal Technique took to the stage at the Brooklyn Bowl In Williamsburg, along with guests Hasaan Salam, Poison Pen, Swavesevah, Constant Flow, and I Self Design.  war and peace

Their performance, as usual, was energizing and uplifting.  I laugh when I hear some people (especially the older generation) discuss hip-hop and rap as “garbage”, as representing violence, gangs, drugs, and being uneducated.  If those people were to listen to the music of these and other artists affiliated with them, they’d be blown away by not just lyricism of these talented rappers but the all around positiveness and enlightening words they spit in every one of their songs.

If you haven’t checked out any of these guys, then you’re slacking on your hip-hop game and need to step it up.  Forget what you hear on the radio, underground is the real deal.

(I apologize for the crappy photos. Wasn’t sure if I could bring my good camera in so I was left with my phone. I have great photos from other venues, maybe I’ll do a post with those.)









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