The NYC International Auto Show 2014

This year I FINALLY went to the Auto show at Jacob Javits Center.  Every year I miss it (usually because I’m working), and every year I say “next year I’ll go!” This was that year, and it was pretty awesome.

NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_1 All the cars were gorgeous.  Even the non-flashy, sporty cars. (I am definitely NOT a car expert) Almost made me wish I had my drivers license but the true city girl in me was like “ehh, the trains get me where I need to go just fine.”

Anyways,  I took a lot of pictures but I’m only posting  a few of my best ones.

NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_2 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_3 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_4 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_5 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_6 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_7 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_8 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_9 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_10 NYCAutoShow_JavitsCenter_2014_ES_11


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