A powerful place

The most powerful city in our country right now is Ferguson, Missouri. The civil rights movement taking place there right now is the kind this country has been in need of for too long.

The current situation in Missouri is a result of conditions that have been present for a long time. I can only imagine how many other communities in this country are struggling through the same thing and for no real good reason what so ever.

We call this place America. Boast about our freedoms and our success. We call ourselves the best country in the world. Yet look at how a majority of our citizens are living. The citizens that help make this country run. With all the resources and money (and yes there is tons of money in the air I don’t care what any of these politicians say), there’s no reason there should be communities and groups of citizens living in conditions where the education system is failing, no opportunity for employment, violence is rampid, etc. All these factors truly affect people’s lives and the choices they will make. At the end of the day everyone is trying to survive. In turn those choices do have an impact on society as a whole. Everything any one in this country does affects everyone. I truly believe that. (Look how we have almost become accustomed to mass shootings, they’ve become almost a common occurrence)

It is our responsibility as a country to mature and grow past the superficial nonsense of “well if you had an education, you’d have a better job”, “if you don’t like it get a better job”, “you should work harder if you want more money”. Living in poverty is not always a direct reflection on the individual living under that circumstances. A person’s environment including the people around them, situations they are put into, and the things they see and hear, will all have a huge and direct impact on that person’s choices, behavior, and every aspect of their lives. Living in poverty does not make a person any less worthy of the basic things in life than the next person. It does not make them an uneducated person nor does it make them a “bad” person.
We all hear the terms the ghetto, urban areas, “bad” neighborhoods etc. For the most part they all refer to places with one thing in common; these neighborhoods are populated with mostly a group of people the government has clumped together which they call “minorities”.

The image of Blacks and Hispanics are carefully fed  to us throughout the media, newspapers, and our politicians.  When it comes to movies, commercials, and news coverage, if you pay attention you can see the very different reporting styles when discussing white and black or hispanic individuals.
Just like they did after September 11th. The government and our media used the terms “terrorist” and “patriotism” as a way to feed you racism and hatred for anyone who was from any part of the middle east. And for a long time or fellow middle eastern Americans were prosecuted in a sense for no reason.

People are too busy trying to survive to pay attention and work for change or they feel to helpless, too caught in the idea that there’s nothing thru can do anyway and this is just how life is. The people of Ferguson have finally stood up to say no more.  They’re fighting for the justice and change they have needed all this time. My hope is that out of this horrible tragedy of another youth having his life taken away from him and his community, that Ferguson’s fight leads the way for more communities and more citizens to stand up to injustice and the lack of resources and support these communities have. To stand up against racism, prejudice, and the poverty many are stuck in. The people of Ferguson are fighting for the equality and justice they deserve. I can only hope others will follow.

#ReadThis #Ferguson #MichaelBrown



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